Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: The people have spoken. part 1

Adam Says: I think we owe it to America to give this President a fair shake, and let the chips fall where they may.

Jeremy Says: I agree about giving him a fair shake, but I'm not sure what you mean by "we owe it". here are the reasons I'm not worried about him being president...
-God put him there to begin with
-He appears to me to have (what he thinks) is the countries best interest in mind. sure he has some sketchy acquaintances, but I don't think he is plotting to destroy America behind his smile. and he might be wrong a lot of issues, but if he gives his best for the country, then I cool with that
-even if he wants to destroy America, he is only the president and there is not much power in that position in my opinion. hes more like a poster child of the country
-the only taxes I really care about lowering are state taxes....and social security taxes.
-I loved GW, and he didn't turn out so good, so even if I don't like Barack, there's not much place to go but up.
-GW was pro-life, and how much did that affect roe vs wade? how much will Barack being pro-partial birth abortion affect it? my guess is the same.

Adam Says: I agree with everything but the pro-life assertion… the fact is that BO will have his pick of liberal Supreme Court Justices and those appointed Justices will eventually have an impact on this issue.

Jeremy Says: but didn't bush pick two of those also? nothing came of it....

Adam Says: Yet

Jeremy Says: if they didn't make a decision before, why would they make it now?

Adam Says: Because they do not have the majority needed to do anything yet.

Jeremy Says: the majority in the court or the majority in the nation?

Adam Says: The court…

Jeremy Says: i don't believe that will ever happen.

Adam Says: That makes me sad

Jeremy Says: sad because that's what i think or sad because you agree?

Adam Says: Probably both, but I am only willing to admit the first point.

Jeremy Says: i just think with the way the country is so divided on the issue, and the way we seem to float back and forth from presidents who agree with the issue and disagree with the issue, there is no trend showing that we will ever get a majority in the court to make that decision. in order for that to happen, i think we would need a revival in the nation to where people make it a huge issue for the future elections...so much so they wouldn't care about taxes or health care as much as they care about over turning roe vs wade. then when there are multiple presidents elected who share that belief, there might be a steady enough trend to get a majority in the court.

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