Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: These are the things we say

Jeremy Said: my allergies have calmed down, but I need something to help me keep my head has a tendency to want to swivel around and fall over. hey, three hours of Lost this week. see, this is where all my waiting cashes in, and I can catch up on the entire season in one night. saw national treasure 2 last night. its pretty good, but I still have a hard time buying nicholas cage as an adventure action hero.

Adam Said: 1.Not watching Lost all year just to catch up in night may give you a brain hemorrhage, and if it does I will not feel sorry for you.
2. I am certain they invented the swiveling office chair for moments just like this…
3. Neither Mr. Cage nor Mr. Hanks should be allowed to do action movies at this point in their careers, but do you remember Face Off? Awesome!
4. I ate brauts without you on Saturday, and I may have cried a little.
5. We may be purchasing a new home… I am terrified… Kira is all a flutter.

Jeremy Said: 1. i will be enjoying my three hour Lost cram hemorrhage free
2. be careful if your chair swivels and reclines.
3. did hanks ever really do an action movie? but definitely agreed. funny, I've been kinda quoting that movie a lot because i tell all the church kids that they rock my face off, and when i say that i put my hand on my face and pull my arm back while my fingers make a pyramid type shape. i don't think they get it, but they laugh. oh, and i can still tell melissa i love her, by gently combing my hand from top to bottom across her face.
4. i was very depressed on friday and sat morning, and mildly depressed all weekend. by the time we were having two cookouts Monday, i was feeling better, but i was still thinking about how this is not as good as alcohol and richmond.
5. this is nuts. i hope the closing costs don't kill you. are you going to miss your old home where you built your first memories together?

Adam Said: 1. Don’t bet on it.
Swivels and Reclines? Let’s hope it does not vibrate as well!
He did Saving Private Ryan. That is the sweetest story you ever done told me… I must now smash my head in with a brick.
4. Richmond always better than anywhere else… well anywhere else in America… I am betting Deutschland would be awesome right now.
5. It is nuts… closing cost are a concern, as they will eat into our profits. The good news is a new HVAC system makes for a right nice upgrade in our houses value. I guess I will. I mean we have only been here for 1.5 years… and to be honest life has been going so fast for the last two years that I barely can remember when we got married let alone the everyday stuff in the house.

Jeremy Said: 1. Think about all the anxiety you have expensed on this show, while I have not. Sure the those three hours will be an adrenaline rush, but it will be quick and over without me sweating it out week to week wondering what's going to happen after each episode. you know I'm right, and you're just jealous that you lack the discipline to give up watching the show every week.
2. wouldn't it be funny if some study proved that people were more productive in the office if all the chairs were lazy boys with heated massage cushions.
. you obviously don't remember the movie as much as i do.
4. Deutschland and new Zealand. weren't the aireal scenes from prince caspien just amazing? new zealand has got to be cool 24/7.
5. do you think our generation has a harder time settling down than previous generations, and is that a bad thing? i mean it seems if we've been doing the same thing for a couple years, we get antsy and want to move on to something else.

Adam Said: 1.I have had an added adrenaline rush every week for the last three months, while you have gone without and now will try to get it fired up all in one night… you will OD and I will just be hitting my high.
2. I would come to work far more often… that and if we could mix work in with watching movies and playing games… I tend to do that at home.
3. I do not… I just remember it being cool.
4. Yeah New Zealand does look awesome… Kira and I both screamed with delight when we saw that one scene with all of the ferns where the rat… what was his name… cuts everyone down at the ankles… because all of those ferns and trees and all made us so happy.
5. I think so… and I don’t know if it is a bad thing… I mean I hear these stories of people living with their parents into their 30s and I am like… that cannot be a good thing… but then I think about how often I have moved around and how each time I have had to work to stitch together a community of friends a loved ones as a support system, and that seems like a bad thing as well. Truth be told I am not in contact with old friends like I should be and so I am not sure that there is a good answer to this… I like the idea of experiencing the world before I have kids and what not, but at the same time I like the idea of having friends and family that I can enjoy and lean on in tough times.

Jeremy Said: 1. Time will tell...We should have a Lost trivia contest after tomorrow night to see how well you do after seeing it each week versus me who just watched the season finale.
2. Same here...I'll work for 10 minutes, then go back to watching tv or whatever, then 20 minutes later do some more work for a few minutes. it works well.
3. good movie...(as my sister would say)not cause the plot necessarily, but because the acting was actually really good. it made you honestly believe that he was another guy in the wrong body.
4. Reepicheep
5. living with your parents till your 30....definitely a bad thing unless you are there to help your parents. see, that's where I'm at. i always wanted to move to asheville and settle down, but we've been here almost 4 years, and we are both getting antsy at times and have the urge to just pick and move to somewhere like Richmond. But then i start thinking about how well we've done to get plugged into the local church, and how much work it has been, and although we don't have any super close friends, we are stating to hang out more with people and so it would stink to just drop all that and move along. actually i was thinking about this very exact thing over the weekend, and I wonder why it seemed to easy for me to just pick up and leave lynchburg when you were there. maybe everything else was out of whack....job, church, other friends, the apartment, and that made it easy to get out of there. or maybe God has a plan the whole time, and we are just along for the ride.

Adam Said: 1. You are sooooooo ON!
2. Well at least we can agree on that… also we need siestas.
3. Indeed.
4. You’re a mouse
5. It is really crazy… I think you and I really became close friends because so much around us was not cool… I mean I was dead broke in a crap job living over a sewing shop and you were getting run through at LU… it wasn’t exactly paradise, but the people around us made all of the junk kind of go away.

Jeremy Said :1. I'm going to get smoked
2. Siestas will now be mandatory for everyone in our company.
3. Free Indeed
4. Not a bad association is you are referring to Narnia
5. That is the sweetest story you ever done told me

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