Friday, April 4, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say:Listen up all you MySpace Junkies!

Cynopsis Digital announced Fox Interactive Media made MySpace Music official, tapping the music libraries of each major label except EMI to create a comprehensive DRM-free music retail site that will feature free ad-supported audio and video streaming, paid MP3 downloads, concert tickets and merchandise. News Corp./Verisign joint venture Jamba will provide an adjacent mobile storefront offering ringtones, wallpapers, etc. The service represents the first marriage between a major social network (30 million users and counting) and a major content offering (50 million bands.) The service is expected to roll out incrementally over the next few months.

Adam and Jeremy are skeptical about the benefit of this service, but we thought you should know the deal. This could be greatest thing ever or the downfall of Western Civilization...and we're not exaggerating at all.

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