Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Our Conversations Are Not Allways So Complicated...

Jeremy -- Have you ever watched the miracle on ice game?

Adam -- Just the highlights.

J -- I've sat through a majority of it, and it’s not near as exciting as the movie (obviously), but it does get ya’ going.

A -- I thought the game and the movie were dull… I am not a big hockey fan, and beating the Russians is so 1980’s; it’s not like you and I were ever effected by the red scare.

J -- Come on, man! It was a huge deal. I remember visiting Berlin in East Germany when they were still apart of the USSR. It was a little freaky, but I guess you could say it was real to me.

A -- Yeah but all of that ended before we even got to middle school… I mean I was never worried about the Russians invading were you?

J -- Nah, but it was fun to think of them as the bad guys.

A -- Yeah when I was that age I was more into pirates and knights, so I usually didn’t pretend the Russians had anything to do with life.

J -- So you never really had a people group that you considered the "enemy" and imagined fighting against them? Like in the first half of the century I’m sure all the kids thought of the Nazis as bad guys. I guess now the kids would think of the Jihads as the bad guys.

A -- Nah… whenever we played war games it was always just my side, which was good, against their side, which was bad. I guess one of my natural sin proclivities is to view evil and good in relative terms… or maybe it’s not a sin but rather a statement of fact. There is one Good in the world, and one evil and so in between you have people who are varying degrees of one or the other.

J -- Good vs. evil like in Lord of the Rings? Underworld? Fight Club? The Matrix? Pirates of the Caribbean?

A -- Wait… are you good or are you evil?

J -- I represent all that is good. I am like Aslan

A -- I thought he was an allegory for Christ?

J -- …and Jeremy Melberg.

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