Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say:Take a picture. It will last longer

Old news, but Adam and Jeremy's favorite free photo website Morguefile is sponsoring a worldwide event that all aspiring photographers should take note of. Check out the website and see all the pictures from this year. The 11th Hour

What is the 11th Hour? The 11th Hour is a fun and exciting photo shoot that Morguefile members can participate in. Members from around the world shoot images at the same specific time to create a unique global perspective of the world we live in. This event is a shared phenomenon that spans the globe at a single point in time and connects members beyond great distances in a fun and possibly spiritual way.

MorgueFile will then compile the most meaningful images and publish them in a soft cover book, the 11th Hour. All published photographers will receive a copy for free and the magazine will go on sale here on morguefile.com.

How can I participate?
1. Register with MorgueFile if you are not a member yet
2. Sign-up for the 11th hour with Paul & give him your name and location: earl53 AT gmail dot com
3. Determine your relative position to the Greenwich Mean Time
4. Read the current 11th hour discussion and get caught up.

Rules : There are 5 opportunities of taking pictures at specified points in time.
ROUND 1: 9/1/07 - 11pm
ROUND 2&3: 9/2/07 - 11am and 11pm
ROUND 4&5: 9/3/07 - 11am and 11pm

All times are determined relative to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You must determine your times relative to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT):

There are 5 chances to get out and take some photos of your surroundings. Then from each time slot pick one of your best photos and upload the pictures to.

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  1. I hate to break it to you, but you missed the scoop. Missed it by a month. Unless 09/07 means 9/3007.

    And I thought it was a cool idea and was dreaming of a published photo. Way to build me up, to only break me down!