Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adam and Jeremy: Just Say No to Starbucks Music... Even if its Free.

Hey want free music from Bob Dylan, Dave Mathews, KT Tunstal, Paul McCartney, and John Mayer? Sure you do. Well Starbucks wants to give it to you! Excited? I was... until I realized they want to give it to me one song a day for then next thirty days... So that would not be so bad if I had to go to a website or sign up for an email, but they want me to go to their stores every day for over a month just to get one song... It's never enough is it? They already have half of America addicted to their marginally good over priced lattes and now they want to reel in we music fans offering us one little hit a day like they were drug dealers or something. No seriously I saw this on an episode of Law and Order this is how crack pushers work... one hit at a time until you are completely addicted and then they run the price up on you and shiv you in a dark alley! Needless to say I am going to just say no and ignore this asinine marketing ploy, but it is free music from good artists so here is the web link if you are interested in the details. Starbucks - Song of the Day

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