Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adam and Jermey Say: Top 25 movies of all time. Anniversary edition

This post may sound familiar; that's because we've done it before.

But it was so good the first time that it deserves another run, and maybe even a few more in the future.

Here is the same list as before, but we've got more advanced technology now, so enjoy all the movie trailers as well.

*disclaimer* Before you start to watch, please be aware, that although the videos are "approved for all audiences", we recommend guarding yourself as nesecarry.

24. V for Vendetta - Honestly I don't think there was a person in the theater who did not get chills up their spine as that masked army of civilians marched through London.

23. Spanglish - Adam Sandler? Who would of thought such a goof could make so beautiful a film out of such a sad story.

22. A Christmas Story - You don't even have to celebrate Christmas to love this classic movie.

21. Se7en - Twists, Turns, Intensity it had everything we wanted... oh and the bad guy gets it in the end.

20. Office Space - This movie was funny back in high school and college but now that we actually work in offices this movie is hilarious! Would there be an "Office" TV show without this movie?

(sorry. no appropriate trailer was available for this)

19. Tommy Boy - "Fat man in a little coat fat man in a little coat."

18. Dead Poets Society - Seriously this movie makes me cry every time I see it.

17. Tombstone - The Best Western Ever Made.

16. Pirates of the Caribbean - Who would have though a theme park could be so exciting, so funny and so enjoyable, and now that we have seen how bad it could have been with number two and three we enjoy the original even more.

15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Yeah it's complicated and yeah it's a little sad, but in a world full of shame directors trying in vein to write the worlds greatest existential or postmodern love story this film quietly shines through.

14. Gettysburg - Grit, Drama and Glory sounds like a recipe for success, and this one was cooked to perfection.

13. Casablanca - Thousands of years from now when some new culture is studying the American woman this movie will explain everything.

12. You’ve Got Mail - Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan bottle lightning and let it go for what has to be the cutest movie ever made.

11. Jurassic Park - Who does not love dinosaurs?

10. Garden State - It is easy for movies to do one of two things; glamorize the pain and suffering of our fallen world, or they try and gloss over it for some over romanticized version of life. Garden State fell right in between those two pitfalls... perfectly nailing the amazing awkwardness of getting to know some one, the joy of loving some one, and the pain of dealing with all the imperfections that come with having to deal with people, and yeah Natalie Portman is way hot, but it was the fact that so many of the moments in the film hit so close to home with an entire generation that make this film great.

09. Forest Gump - Strip away all the jaded and slanted preconceived notions you have about American History from the 50's - the 80's, and look at if from a completely innocent and completely childlike point of view and you find Forest Gump. A film that didn't make a commentary on American History but about the people who created that history and how strange they really where.

08. Gladiator - A man should be a man and if you are suffering from lack of manliness then Gladiator is the cure. Russell Crow is absolutely a crazed roid head in real life, but its that intense machismo that made this film so thrilling. After seeing it I want to go out and slay lions with my bare hands, and that after all is what a man's movie should aim for.

07. Princess Bride - I guess you could over analyze everything if you try hard enough, but this one is simple enough for a child to understand (after all we were only children when we first saw it) but good enough for an adult to love... if you don't believe me go back and watch it.

06. Schindler's List - Some things the mind can't understand until it sees them for itself... the holocaust was one of those things and this movie helped us all understand the horror, but it didn't leave us there... it let us know that there is hope in this dark and dangerous world.

05. Fight Club - Everyone wants to be a member of some exclusive club and that's the way Brad Pitt and Ed Norton made us feel when we saw this... oh and it just happened to be the coolest club ever invented! Add to that an amazing twist and a supers stylized version of reality and you have a classic.

(trailer not available)

04. Brave Heart - "FREEDOM!" Is it just me or should we broadcast this movie to Iraqis twenty four seven?

03. The Passion - It is impossible for us to grasp what Christ suffered on the cross when He was forsaken by God, but this movie came as close as possible to letting us understand that by showing us His physical pain and suffering.

02. Matrix - How do explain "cool" or "hip" it is really hard without and example... well here is a good example... some how this film made sci-fi and for that matter Keanue Reeves cool... and once again in light of how bad the sequels were this movie may be the best sci-fi movie ever made. However, I should note that I hate Star Wars and Star Trek... so don't get your panties all in a bunch.

01. Saving Private Ryan - The Greatest Generation, the Greatest War, and the Greatest Film of All Time. Seriously did you see Big and Sleepless in Seattle... how did that guy become an American hero? But that was the point, these men are not heroes they are average men fighting for a cause, normal everyday guys willing to put their lives on the line for their country, but more importantly for Private Ryan. Against the amazing backdrop of World War II Spielberg makes heroes out of mechanics and school teachers; spare parts most directors would have pushed into bit parts.

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