Monday, February 2, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Superbowl Commercial Breakdown

If you missed the Superbowl last night, first you missed a great game, and although the underdog Cardinals did not win as we hoped, it was still enjoyable to watch till the last play.
As for the commercials, we are still not up to par with years in the past, but it was a valiant effort on the part of the sponsors.

Here are Top Commercials according to

A few thoughts first.
-What's with people getting hit by buses?
-Crotch hits are always funny
-When did we need to special glasses to watch a commercial? (we're a little bummed we didn't have them)
-The movie trailers were good, but I would rather watch something else during the Superbowl.
-Major props to Miller High Life for sticking it to the man
-We may not agree with all the content of these spots, so it's purely for your entertainment
-Sorry for all the Trust Me ads

If you want to know what happened to Jack, see below:

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